Doing our projects at The Game Assembly we worked in groups with around 13-16 people to create a game in 8-10 weeks of halftime. The first four projects were done in the first year and were built with pre-existing frameworks, mostly TGA2D which is a simple 2D framework like SFML which were all made in 8 weeks halftime. In the second year we got static groups and we got to work with Techical artists. For the four last projects we also created our own 3D engine which used a Datadriven EntityComponentSystem to handle our entities in game and the projects ran for 10 weeks halftime except the last project which ran for about 8 weeks fulltime. 


During the projects all groups used scrum to easier get an overview of our projects. We also had standup meetings everyday to further help with project overview and get a better grasp of any dependencies.

We also did Agile development to easier be able to change planning when things didn't go as planned and this was made easier by separating our projects into four different parts, Pre-production, Alpha, Beta and Gold. At the end of each sprint we got feedback from some teachers from each dicipline which was very valuable and helped us improve our games.

At the middle of each project we also gave eachother constructive feedback to improve teamwork and I felt this was valuable both giving and receiving feedback to make development more smooth.

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