Blackout were our third project in the second year where we made a first person game where you try to escape from a facillity where a darkness extinguishes all life and light.

In this project two of the big pillars we designed the game around were vaulting over objects and in game events for characters getting dragged into the darkness or barely just escaping the darkness. Which we decided to do with scripting as it could be done with many diciplines such as from our level designers or animators. I was doing most things for the scripting and for this to be feasible we had to make nodes for the node tree which were easier to use than raw math nodes, for some examples we made a Look towards node to make others not have to do rotation math as that is complicated if you're not well traversed within linear algebra, a Relative offset node which helps people place things like triggerboxes or make entities walk towards a point relative to the triggered object. 


I also implemented the in game events through scripting. The script themselves didn't take too long to complete, but there were a few nodes which required extra coding and cordination between groupmembers such as animators for event animations or leveldesigners for triggers and readabillity of the script.

For the first event we had an NPC who were to get consumed by darkness and is dragged away. Below is an image of the final script.


At the end of the project we had implemented more things in scripts such as vaulting over objects and their collision boxes and input handling. All four in game events and sound events.